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Family Law Attorney Houston

Board Certified Family Law Attorney in Texas

Law Office of Robert Tsai, PLLC has been serving the Houston area since 2022 with measurable success. We pride ourselves on a deep tradition of excellence, ensuring only the highest quality service. We understand the challenges and pressure that comes with every case and are here for you, every step of the way.

Dependable, calm, and well-spoken, our firm adds the personal touch our clients deserve whilst approaching each new case with the attention it needs. Get in touch with us today.

Texas Board of Legal Specialization


About Me

I am a native Texan, born and raised in Dallas, Texas. I grew up in North Dallas and attended schools in Plano, Texas. After a brief stint at UT Austin, I transferred to Purdue University, where I received my B.S. in economics. I attended law school at Baylor Law School in Waco, Texas and graduated in February 2014. I passed the bar in May 2014. 


I started my law career in Houston, Texas at a boutique litigation defense firm. I was fortunate to first-chair a jury trial, take and defend depositions, and handle all aspects of a litigation docket for this first year and a half of practice. 


In 2016, I switched from civil litigation to family law litigation at a medium-sized law firm. My experience at that firm included managing my own docket of family law cases and first-chairing numerous trials, hearings, and a jury trial. Because of that experience, I was able to sit for the board certification exam in family law and later passed that exam. I am board certified in family law as of December 2020 by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. 


I am married to my beautiful wife, Julia, and we have a lovely daughter, Lucy, and son, Bode. In our free time, we like to frequent Houston's parks and try new restaurants around town. I also try to stay active in sport leagues like basketball, softball, and sand volleyball. You may sometimes see me running in the Heights or biking along the Heights Hike and Bike trail.

Speaking and Panels

Current Issues for Texas Family Law Paralegals Webinar


Houston, TX

May 2024

Speaker on "Obtaining and Evaluating Financial Information"

Damages in Civil Litigation Webinar


Houston, TX

February 2024

Speaker on “Professionalism and Digital Difficulties”

Solo and Small Firm Panel – Asian American Bar Association

Moderator and Panelist

Houston, TX

 November 2023

Moderator for a panel of three solo and small firm lawyers in the areas of personal injury law, commercial litigation, and family law

Pro Bono Committee CLE


South Padre Island, TX

 June 2023

Speaker for the SAPCR case law update

Texas Modern Mediation Conference Webinar


Houston, TX

 February 2022

Panelist for Division of Marital Debt

Texas Modern Mediation Conference Webinar


Houston, TX

 January 2021

Panelist for Mediated Settlement Agreement Drafting, Prove-Up, and Entry issues

Houston Bar Association - Family Law Section


Houston, TX

 October 2020

Panelist for “Part I: A Conversation on Inherent Biases in Family Law” and “Part II: Now That We Know Better, How Can We Be Better?”


About Krystle Ladwig

Krystle joined The Law Office of Robert Tsai in 2023 as a family law paralegal. Prior to joining our firm, she acquired over 12 years’ experience as a criminal and family law paralegal. Her skills include adeptly navigating the management of client deadlines, communication between parties, witness scheduling and document filings in federal and state courts. Krystle is well versed with trial preparation and has managed and created trial exhibits and trial notebooks as well as assisted with numerous jury and bench trials.

Krystle graduated from Sam Houston State University, with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. From a young age, she knew she wanted to focus on a career specifically in family law. Her passion comes from a desire to see blended families not only become a functional unit but a truly successful family that effectively utilizes their court order.

This is not just a professional passion, but one that is very personal. Krystle is married to her husband, Jacob of ten years, and they have a blended family of five children: Camryn, Christopher, Paisley, Everleigh, and Caynen. In her free time, her family enjoys being on the lake or spending time in San Antonio. But most of the time, you will see them at their children’s football, basketball, softball, baseball, or cheerleading events. 

About Katie Stephens

Katie joined The Law Office of Robert Tsai in 2023 as a skilled and experienced family law paralegal. With over 9 years of criminal and family law experience, she brings valuable expertise to our firm. Katie excels in client engagement, displaying excellent communication skills and demonstrating a deep understanding of their needs. She is proficient in drafting and filing motions at both the state and federal levels, ensuring efficient and effective legal processes.

Katie's strength in trial preparation is evident as she has successfully prepared trial exhibits, notebooks, and managed witnesses for numerous bench and jury trials. Her meticulous approach ensures that every aspect of the trial is well-organized and presented professionally.


Having obtained her Paralegal Certificate from the Center for Advanced Legal Studies, Katie's passion for criminal law stems from her admiration of the Constitution. She firmly believes in protecting and upholding every individual's rights, as it is essential for the Constitution to retain its true value. Additionally, her fondness for family law arises from her genuine concern for the best interests of children involved in such cases. She believes that parties can achieve positive outcomes when encouraged to prioritize the well-being of the children.

Outside of her professional life, Katie cherishes spending time with her family of four children: Karmela, Olivia, Rashad Jr., and Zanelle. They bring her great joy and fulfillment.


Professional, Intelligent, Kind, Fast and Extremely Reliable

Robert Tsai, Has to be one of the best family lawyers in Texas. He very fast, knows the law and can handle cross state situations with ease. He took our very difficult case with confidence and was able to quickly answer any and all of our questions with no hesitation. In front of the judge he was amazing, was able to get a lot of information in our quick 1.5 hour limited THO. Robert walked us through each step of the processes with absolute clarity. He was kind and upfront with each step. Let us know what to expect and how to handle the situation. He was available at all times to call or text. Emailed us regularly and was very quick to respond. He knew the judges and what to expect from them. He is defiantly on our case from the beginning and is still working hard, making us feel like we were his only case. He is quick to understand the direction of court room and will adjust with ease. You will not be disappointed in hiring Mr Tsai at all. He has vast amount of resources at his disposal and works for a very respectable firm in Houston. Our family has hired a few lawyers in the past and working with Mr Tsai has renewed our trust in the legal system. Why go anywhere else this is man is who you want working your case. When it comes to price and understand your bill he is very upfront will let you know what to expect and what your cost is going to be. His firm has many different options to work with you. when it comes to appearance Mr Tsai is well dressed and ready to be in court.

Honest, upfront, professional, thorough, helpful, patient, bright, efficient, hardworking, passionate

Robert was incredibly professional and efficient in handling my divorce on very short notice. Most lawyers try to nickel and dime different fees but Robert was always to the point, he does not waste client's time in order to keep billing them and he is very thorough with his work. Divorce is obviously a difficult situation, but if you are in Texas and need it handled quickly and simply, then I'd wholeheartedly recommend Robert. Robert did exceptionally wonderful job with my divorce. I can say that “I am blessed and thankful to have an Attorney like him." He is very smart and knowledgeable. He is very upfront and honest. He gave me sound advice on things I could compromise on, what points were worth standing my ground for and it helped me find a good balance that would work best for my kids and me. He was able to guide me towards right direction so that I can heal. He usually responded to my emails and calls within 5 minutes that is exceptional service. He will do the best for you. I really appreciate everything Robert has done for me. We were set to go for trial a day after his first child was born and despite being on vacation he prepared for my case and stood by me in trial. I am so thankful and I really appreciate everything Robert and Brooke did for me during those tough times. Robert is so passionate about his work and I would have not made it without the support they provided.

Not the hero Gotham deserves, but the one it needs!

I can’t say enough about what a phenomenal advocate Mr Robert Tsai is. He was not only efficient and effective in communication and execution, but also vastly experienced and knowledgeable in the law – allowing him to employ strategies as well as defend against tactics that make Family Law frustrating and arduous. I came to him with an extremely messy and complex situation, one that had been completely botched and intentionally delayed by previous counsel on both sides. Mr Tsai was an answered prayer after a year-long nightmare, as he finished the case with ease just two weeks after firing my previous lawyer! He was understanding and compassionate in my unique and dire circumstance, patient and honest in explaining the law, clever in finding creative ways to protect my best interest, professional in communicating with the court and opposing counsel, quick to reply to all of my messages, efficient in drawing up important documents and filing them with the court, worked tirelessly on weekends and off-days when the case heated up, and even consulted with a colleague of his in Austin who practices a different area of law on my behalf when he was there on personal holiday! If you want a true advocate who embodies the definition of a civil servant, who goes in overprepared to defend your interests, runs circles around opposing counsel, while saving you money in the process thanks to his efficiency and honesty, then learn from my mistakes and hire him from the start to represent you. There is way too much on the line – monetarily, but more importantly your own health/sanity.

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