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Frequently Asked Questions on Family Law

Where Do I Start with a divorce?

The first step in a divorce is the decision to file. It can be and often is a difficult decision. My job is to guide a client through the many steps of a divorce lawsuit and to advise throughout the entire process. I try hard to provide honest advice.

How to tell friends and family about divorce?

Divorce is always a difficult topic to talk about and each situation is different. This is a personal decision a client should make on his/her own. When a client is ready to discuss this with family and friends, I can help guide the process. 

What does a family and divorce lawyer do?

A family and divorce lawyer is an advocate and fights for the client’s goals in a case. My job is to advise clients on how their goals for a case may play out in court based on the evidence presented and the possible risks associated relating to client goals. 

Who Claims Child on taxes with 50/50 custody?

The parties may agree in a divorce case on which parent claims the child/children for a tax year. The parties may alternate tax years, or the parties may choose which child to claim for tax years moving forward. This issue should be resolved in a divorce case because if it is not, the parties will continually conflict for all tax years in the future. It is also important to consult with your CPA for tax advice.

What are the different types of Texas Divorces? 

Divorces in Texas can generally be contested or uncontested. Contested means there are issues, for custody and/or property, that the parties cannot agree on and will require the court to make a decision. Uncontested means the parties can agree on all custody and property issues in a case.

what is joint custody of a child?

Joint custody means both parents have the same general rights and duties of a parent, and the title is joint managing conservator. This can be a confusing title because it does not mean the parents have a 50/50-type possession schedule. The parents usually must agree to a 50/50 possession schedule but some courts have started moving in the direction of ordering split and equal custody. 

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