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Will Police Enforce Child Custody? 

In the absence of a court order, police or the courts are not authorized to enforce your custody agreement unless you believe your child is in immediate danger.


How to Enforce a Child Custody Order?

The Texas Attorney General's Child Support Division can enforce a court-ordered child support obligation when one parent has not paid. To enforce visitation rights in Texas, you must file a court document called a "Motion to Enforce Visitation." In the motion, you ask the judge to enforce the existing order and you may even ask that he or she punish the other parent for contempt of court.


Do I need a lawyer to establish or enforce child support?

You do not need to hire an attorney to file a private enforcement action, but you should consult with one if possible.


How is child support enforced in Texas?

The Office of the Attorney General, an agency of the state government, is the official child support enforcement agency in Texas.


What happens if someone doesn’t pay child support in Texas?

The Office of the Attorney General can enforce a court order when child support payments are not made. It can take many actions, including filing a petition, suspending licenses, reporting to credit bureaus, and denying passports.

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Lawyer for Enforcement of Child Support 

When your family undergoes an unexpected change, contact the Law Office of Robert Tsai, PLLC, for a caring family lawyer.

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