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Preventing Parental Alienation

If parental alienation is a factor in a divorce or custody case, there are many resources available to prevent the alienation including parent education programs, children education programs, and psychotherapy. Parents may agree to one of these remedies as a preventative measure, or it may be ordered by the court if the judge foresees parental alienation being an issue.

Available educational programs are specifically designed for prevention and early detection of at-risk children or children susceptible to parental alienation. In some jurisdictions, including Harris County, Texas, parent education programs are mandatory for parents in all divorce and custody cases to prevent parental alienation. Parents have a duty to foster an ongoing relationship with both parents after separation. Experts say that good co-parenting ultimately leads to better growth and development for children.

Often after a divorce, children suffer from emotional stress as a result of the dramatic changes in their life. This stress can be multiplied for a child when a parent is continuously trying to poison the child against the other parent. Consulting a therapist can be a very useful tool for a child in this scenario, and can teach them how to not buy into the poisoning of one parent as well as be a safe harbor for discussions. If you think your case may involve parental alienation, speak to an attorney about the options available for prevention.

If you need help navigating the waters of a suit involving your children, contact the Law Office of Robert Tsai, PLLC at 832-278-1995 so we can help you get the best outcome possible.

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